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    Sounds like he just guessed if the charge was correct or not.

    Weather the vapor(big line) should be sweating currently or not, I won't say. I'm not there to measure anything.
    But it sounds like a mischarged system.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    The temperature in the upstairs eventually got down to < 70 degrees overnight, so obviously things were working ok.

    The A/C guy came this afternoon to check the unit anyway. He noticed that the new compressor was making a little bit of noise. He said that it sounded like the coil had some buildup in it that had made its way into the new compressor.

    So he purged the system down and flushed the coil out. Then he pulled a vacuum, purged the unit, and recharged with refrigerant.

    He's been gone about 15 minutes now. The air coming out of the registers is cool (haven't had a chance to get a thermometer yet).

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    Put in a new compressor but not a filter/dryer? Get 'er dun!

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