Anyone pros ever installed one, yet alone heard of them? I'd settle for a 5db reduction. Without going into details, everything else has been tried.

# Duct Diameter: 8"
# Unit Weight: 7.75 Lbs.
# Does not restrict airflow through duct
# Easy to install
# Maintenence free
# Housing Length: 24"
# Building Code Compliant, Meets NFPA Standards 90A and 90B
# UL Listed, Class I Air Duct
# Noise Reduction: 9.4@250Hz, 17.1@500Hz, 21.5@1000Hz


Why do I need a DuctMuffler?

The DuctMuffler will reduce sound traveling through the ducts of a forced air system, i.e. loud music from adjacent rooms, snoring, speech and noise generated by the furnace blower.

How do I install a DuctMuffler?

Simply remove a section of air duct from the offending duct run and insert a DuctMuffler. The DuctMuffler is a heavy product and must be properly supported using duct support brackets available at your favorite Home Center.

How effective is a DuctMuffler?

The DuctMuffler will attenuate noise levels by almost 10 dBA. Please note that every 3 dBA in noise level reduction cuts your perception of noise by half.

Does the DuctMuffler affect airflow through my ducts?

No. The open bore of the muffler is the same as the duct in which it is installed. There are no baffles or barriers.