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    Compressor protection for an XL16i?

    I noticed that the default setting for "compressor protection" on my thermostat is a 5 minute delay, but mine is set to zero. Is the delay not necessary for a Trane XL16i?

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    a five minut delay wouldint hurt your compressor at all go ahead and use it is it nessesary not really in my opion but it does help the compressore from hard starts in cooler weather, it lets the fan come on and blow air across the coil and causes evaporation to acurr and this helps the compressore start easyer , and if it a heat pump I would use the delay.

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    Most digital t-stats have five minute delays to protect the compressor. If you don't have a delay-on-make relay installed in your condensor, then I would consider re-setting your t-stat to have this feature.

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