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    Experience with Unico Unichiller?

    Hello - new member here.

    I'm an HVAC/ME working in upstate NY, I have a few questions I'd like to throw out in here if I may.

    My firm does mostly commercial / small commercial MEP design, Cx and retro Cx, energy studies, etc., but we have a residential project on our plate at the momemt.

    A little background:This is a large (~7,000 sqft) home for a "high profile" client - so we want to make sure we are specifying robust equipment that will not be a nuisance in the future. The client would like heating & cooling throughout, forced air preferred (wants to avoid hydronic radiators or anything too visable). The client already has a oil-fired boiler system installed (no street gas). The client would like the option to switch to geothermal in the future. DX is ruled out because the line sets won't get the condensing units far enough away from the house. We looked into scroll chillers but they are expensive, especially in single phase 230V.


    A good choice seems to be a system using reverse cycle chillers such as the Unichiller, with the boiler providing heat in low ambiant conditions (below 10 or 15 deg F), utilizing a number of small air-handlers with two coils (avoiding 3 way valves).

    My questions:

    1) Do any of you guys (installers especially) have any experience with the Unico Unichiller? Good product? Call backs?

    2) No one else seems to make a product quite like this? There is a company that makes a system which "piggy-backs" a traditional air cooled unit to make hot or cold water - are these a viable option? We'd rather avoid the complication this implies...

    Thanks in advance - i look forward to participating in here!

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    we sell them and don't have much trouble. the are quiet. we ran one in a unico class inside a room about 20 by 15 you could talk without yelling.

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