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    New vs Maintain the old (Lennox)

    Need some advice.

    I have an older (nearly 20 years) Lennox AC, 2.5 ton unit. Live in Wis. and have a well insulated house, with lots of shade. Don't run the unit much except to remove humidity. Maybe around a 100 hours a year.
    On a recent maint. check found that a capacitor was starting to fail -- lots of buzzing. Suggested that maybe a new unit was in order.
    However, after reading some posts here -- many folks refer highly to the reliability of the old Lennox units.
    I'm looking for advice on trying to keep to old unit going as opposed to a new unit. Any guidelines or rules of thumb?

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    Keep it!

    I live in Dallas, TX and just last yr. replaced a 19 yr. old Lennox 4 ton. It was the quietest system I have ever had. Unfortunately, it lost about 1 lb. of freon per season (not bad) but ran nearly as efficiently as my new Amer. Standard 16 SEER 4 ton does. Only problem was the heat exchanger was developing some small holes and seams rusting. Many have told me that the newer systems are only designed to last about 15 yrs. Much better for the manufacturers. As little as you use it I think its a keeper! Just my opinion.

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    Please edit out the price.
    Pricing is not allowed on this site, Thank you.

    You can get a second opinion, they may be priced better. That capacitor may or may not be the cause of the buzzing.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Buzzing is probably a contactor, an easy fix. Contractor should have offered to change it while he was there.

    In WI with short summers and low electric rates, hard to pay for a new unit especially higher SEER units.

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