as some of you know I was working for union but about two weeks ago I was laid off and told there weren't any shops looking to fill a van currently and need to look for a job outside of the union. The reason I was laid off was because of lack of experience as I started off as a second year apprentice( I most have done well on the HVAC placement test for the union) and was hired by a controls company which was installing controls for a new building at a local college. It really was not what I was looking for and was told not to worry and the union would find me another job by the foreman.WRONG! I was told by the union coordinator to look for a non union job because no one was hiring or looking to fill a van. Now I am back to square one, looking for an entry level job in Colorado Springs or Denver.

I have been looking for a job for about two weeks now and had an interview for an installer position in Pueblo but the company has yet to call me. I live in Colorado Springs but will be willing to relocate to Denver for the right job (a entry level position). I will need some sort of relocation assistance from Colorado Spring to Denver, I am willing to learn and be trained how the company wants things done.