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    4000sqft Warehouse Space HVAC

    Hello there - new to this forum.

    We have been looking for space here for a photography studio (commercial, need lots of RAW space)

    Anyway, here is one we have been considering. I have some concerns about heating and cooling this space when in use, either costing a fortune or the existing heating/cooling not being effective. Same applies to other similar spaces, as most that have the height and width we need are garage/warehouse style spaces.

    Here are images:

    Images 1-7 are the space. You can see there are two heaters, and one A/C unit. Image 7 (while small) shows the little A/C unit on the roof in the middle of the space.

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    Hi and welcome.

    A pro will have to come in to determine if your present system is suitable and efficient for your needs.
    They will have to do a heat load calculation taking into consideration the insulation and air tightness of the building etc as well as the heat generated by any equipment that you may be using.

    Then and only then can they make a reasonable determination as to what needs to be done and give valid reccomendations.

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    A warning

    Plan the space before the load calc. If you have a calc and install is scheduled, and then go chopping the space up for different uses, your load calc will then not work.

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