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    rate of temperature decrease

    Some stupid questions coming your way, but, I learn a lot by asking these. When measuring the temperature of the air at the floor register what should the rate of decrease be with a fully functioning heat pump and at what temp should it bottom out? Does that make sense? And should the larger tube going into the exchanger get cold and sweat immediately or should that happen gradually as heat is pulled from the indoor air. Told you these were stupid questions, but, I don't know the answers. Trying to monitor performance the best I know how. Thanks in advance.

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    The transient is irrelevant to performance,
    Just make sure the house can reach and sustain the setpoint temperature on the hottest and most humid oudoor conditions.
    What you are asking is for academics who are only interested in making simple things difficult so they can write a ttreatise, not cool a house.

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