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    Quote Originally Posted by air2spare View Post
    for some reason I wish we could have a short cooling season this year
    and miss out on all that money

    but,yeah it feels like least its humid
    The government works for me. I do not answer to them, they answer to me.

    we need a few more sheep dogs to keep barking at the wolves,and the stupid sheep

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    i learned SH & SC at school. the things i suck at are velocity and static pressure. now if only people would take time to teach me maybe i could get as good as some of you guys. and to the original poster. Your gages and your meter in the field are your most important tools. besides common sense. shraeders at condenser are usually only access point. the gage reading on suction side tells what evap is doing. welcome to the field newbie
    Thomas aka...spymoocow
    Quote Originally Posted by garya505 View Post
    Ah, sorry I thought that's what he meant. An inch shouldn't make that much difference (at least that's what I always tell my wife).

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