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    HVAC question

    Just moved into a 2100 sq. ft house 2 level built in 1952. The house has a brand new 4 ton 13 seer gas package unit. On the lower floor there is one 20x30 return air and the temp (72) stays fairly constant. The second story has two supply vents (1 on each end of the room), but it is 10 - 12 degrees warmer than the lower level. There is no return on the second floor.

    My question is this...would adding a return to the second floor make much difference in the cooling of the space?

    I believe it would have been better to put in a seperate unit for this floor, but the owner before me went ahead with this unit. I am just trying to do the best with what I have.

    Any help would be great.

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    Just adding a return probably would not help much but there should be a return air on the second floor. The cooling is provided by the supplies. You need to know the heat gain of the space to know how much supply air is needed. The returns just provide a low resistance path for the air to get back to the air handler and not create pressure zones. How is the attic insulation? Is solar gain a problem? Shading windows will help. With that old of a house you should check your infiltration rate and make improvements.

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    heat rises and without a return air upstairs you are wasting money and time trying to cool the top floor. heat cannot be removed from a conditioned space without return air,period.
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    Upper levels are always more difficult to cool for two air rises and they are closer to the roof. Can you add insulation to the area? Can you better ventilate the attic space adjacent to the area? The return air is a given, you need that. But ventilation and insulation will go a long way to help the situation.

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    Thanks for your input. Insulating the roof will be a chore. The interior ceiling is gabled up with no access to the attic. I am going to put a new roof on within the next couple months and am going to try removing some of the slat decking and fill the roof cavities from the outside. I think this will work but am not sure.

    Any feedback? I really don't know what else to do about insulating the space.

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