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    ERV and location of fresh air duct??Pulling in mold spores from garden?

    We live here in the south with the ac on all the time. Our installer located the fresh air duct with our erv 2 feet off the ground in a shrub garden covered by pinestraw which of course is renewed over dead leaves ect. each spring. my question is, is this too close to the ground and might it draw up mold spores/fungus in the garden into the system. would it be better to place higher. our exhaust for erv to outside is 5 feet high and not over a garden. Could we reverse the two?

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    I dont see why you couldn't reverse the two.

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    erv mold problem??

    Thanks for the reply, I was also curious is it possible for the duct 2 feet off the ground that is the fresh air end to actually pick up mold spores out of the ground below or the air space around it, or would the filter (clean effects )by trane and filter on erv handle that.

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