At my work (large high school) 2 conjoining rooms share a common A/C / furnace. The A/C is a 4T Trane (last of the R-22's and we got it on the cheap) and it was installed in April. The previous unit was a 4T Trane. These unit have supplied conditioned air to about 1800 ft2 between the 2 rooms.

The AH was put in when the building was constructed in 1993. The blower and the inside of the AH is filthy. Still, it keeps on going. The problem is w/humidity. If you leave it set on 76-78* like the electricity usage Nazis command, the rooms stays as humid as a jungle, you have to cut the t-stat down to a crisp 72* for the rooms to dehumidify and of course they're as cold as heck.

Another thing that exacerbates this, is that state law says that a damper has to be open to let in a % of fresh (read humid) air. I understand this b/c of potential CO emissions. Still, this does not help me. Papers curl, flooring buckles, girl's hair frizzes, and its a real b**** to put up with.

Short of buying a dehumidifier (at my own expense, mind you) what can I do about an obvious stupid install????

Thanks once again