I have a mobile home which has a Miller A/C split unit S1BA/S1QA with Intertherm Electric Furnace. It has a A-coil which sits on top of a black plastic Drip Pan. The heater/ blower is underneath the A-coil. I have lately noticed a soft spot in the floor in front of the unit. When I pulled the Wall panel I find there is a lot of condensation dripping inside the heater cabinet and running down onto the floor. The drip pan is not cracked, it is plastic. The drain is is clear. The drip pan is not overflowing, the coil has been cleaned. It looks like the plastic drip pan is "sweating" as there is a lot of water droplets on the outside edges and wall of it, and it also appears that some of the codensate from the A-coil is not running into the pan but just dripping straight down into the heater cabinet around the blower. I checked the level of the drip pan and it was fine. So I tried shimming it at a slight angle so that the water has a more direct path to the drain outlet. This only seemed to increase the amount of condensate which dripped straight from the coil into the heater/blower cabinet. Any ideas what is causeing this and how to fix. I thought about trying to place some insulation (the rubber type u wrap around the copper lines) between the drip pan and the metal top of the heater/blower cabinet on which it sits and leveling the pan back up. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.