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    Exclamation Evolution Thermostat - Expert wanted.

    I'll try to make it short... We have a GeoThermal system for our newly built home, that is getting ready to shut down for the summer. (We'll be moving in with the in-laws until fall or come up with $$,$$$ to add a conventional system and redo all duct work). For any who are interested, our loops are at 110-130 degrees - we're trying to solve that mystery also.

    Here's what I'm looking for in a nut shell; We keep getting error and fault codes. Like "161- Excess static pressure stagedown - 255 events active" OR
    Fault code "possible frozen coil - 5 events" Static pressure 1.06 Can we tell how well the duct work is functioning with the readings available? From what I know this great little thermostat stores information on just how well the units and duct work are functioning - I just don't speak "evolutionese" - I'm looking for someone to help translate, so I can be better educated on the choices I make when we hire someone to fix this system. I can't afford to fix it a third time.

    We live in a fairly small town and I'd really like to find an expert to help me understand what is happening to our system as far as the information on the thermostat goes.

    Background: We have an Bryant evolution thermostat and Bryant air handlers - but the whole Geo system is so poorly constructed (ie he has the geo units hooked up wrong per manufacturer!) that our geothermal system has never functioned correctly - (and it's amazing what adding COOLANT to the system will do! - took the A/C contrator 8 months to figure that one out. My kids spent the winter getting warm by our oven) Sorry for the vent... Now as the temps rise, he has abandoned us, two of the new A/C contractors we are looking at have said the duct work is "horrible - something from spiderman's hideout" All Flex, no hard duct and is undersized.

    Any info or leads to who could help would be greatly appreciated.
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    They are correct. Those fault codes are indicative of an undersized duct system.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Ok so new ducting.

    Any chance there is a manual that gives a little more insight to what is normal or abnormal readings?? or someone willing to give a quick tutorial ??

    What does "Zone 2 airflow limited stagedown occurred 243 events" mean exactly?

    (note: no settings are ever changed, I look only.)

    I'd like to know what my system is capable of telling me, I sometimes feel like a patient and the doctors won't tell me what's wrong with me.

    Thanks for your reply..... at least I know the new A/C guys are on the right track although they haven't used the evolution system before.

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    The Bryant and Carrier top of the line systems have the ability to "sense" the resistance of the duct system,thus your fault messages.

    Your duct system is the culprit,if you had another brand/model you'd never know ,except for other issues over the life of the system,which could be costly.

    Take heed and have them correct the duct issues and you'll likely be good to go.

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    Did I mention the original Geo guy shorted us 3 tons on our new home? We are almost starting from scratch. Every occupation has their duds.

    Can you tell by the readings if it says "bad' or screams "really bad" ? I really need to know, or at least know where to look for answers. Just a hint?

    I'm going to be living in this house for the next 30 years. I'd like to know how it runs.

    *Remember that "if money will solve your problems, you really don't have any serious problems."

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    the thermostat may not have been set up right. because the Evolution can read what equip. is there if it is a Bryant piece, if it is another brand the size of the equip. need to be typed into the Evolution. if the wrong tonage was put into the thermostat the system will what to move more air then needed. check the equip set up screen

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