Well, it's been maybe a year or so since the next door neighbor , replaced his HVAC. Since that time we haven't had much discussion and I had only seen outdoor Trane 13 seer condenser.

Ok, this is now rental property, and new neighbor's have come and gone several times. New family checks in and unit is frozen, dirty outdoor unit and I just tell them to contact owner. Well, he sends Vietnamese guy who installed system, over and he checks it next day frozen again. Today renter knocks on my door and ask if I can assit the HVAC man. I have meet the guy before, and he is licensed contractor but, doesn't do much anymore. So, I ask him if fan, is ok and filters, no blockage or insulation on motor. All ok , he says.. So I ask if unit is low on refrigerant, Nope. Then I go into attic with him and see factory filter still inside return, remove that filter, OH BOY, been there for a year.. So , we set for cooling, let unit run for about 30 minutes,go to check sub-cooling no high side hooked up to his manifold and T.D. and its not right on but close.(Adjusted some charge)I climb back into attic check T.D. 20*

You know I have never been able to check sub-cooling on unit without high side gauge hook up to condenser. TXV and he had never check sub-cooling on brand new Trane system.