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    i still love the shrimp bog from bencool ga. buddy the best- whole meal in a pot

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    Wash the shrimp, he's a dirty prawn.

    Peel, shrimp/coat with olive oil
    Large zip-lock bag
    flour/paprika/majorum/garlic powder/sea salt
    Mrs Dash works good too

    cook on the bar-bi for 4 minutes turn for 1 minute.DONE.

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    1/4 cup of honey, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, large clove of garlic finely minced in a 1 cup glass measuring cup, stir. Microwave 5 to 8 minutes on low power (2 or 3) Add ice to the 1 cup mark, stir. Place peeled shrimp in plastic bag, add marinate, chill in refrig 8 to 12 hours. Make kabobs alternating blanched onions and bell peppers, broil on grill.
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    Had a few friends out labor day week-end. Woody made shrimp with jalapenos in middle with bacon wrap. Grilled them on gas grill at very low heat setting . They where I repeat where very good. I think he prepared them with a little garlic salt and lemon pepper.. yum yum
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    lime juice + a lot of thyme and some olive oil coat the shrimp and cook within about 15 min. If you do not the lime juice will "cook" the shrimp. Make enough to bast the shrimp as you grill them. You'll find that if you skewer 6-8 shrimp with two kabob skewers that grilling will be much easier.
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