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    return air

    Hi, I'm installing a 3ton Rheem package unit in a single wide mobile home. Rheem calls for a 2x2 return air filter. All I can find for this application is a 14x20 inch with a 14 inch duct for a floor return. Would this be adequate, or should I build a larger one? Thanks.

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    Sorry can't find my ductulator I would go larger also depending how long of run the flex is it will reduce your volosity and thier is no such thing as too much return. Go larger or add another return some were.

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    return air

    So you think the filter area needs to be bigger? I didn't know since the return duct on the unit is 14 inch, the smaller filter will strangle it? Sorry I got on the wrong area, I intended to post on the residential area. Thanks for the info anyway.

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