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    A New problem child is born!

    Well sort off.... Just a 10 yr old Lennox with a controller that has an error code list as tall as me and is starting its death throes.
    (I just wanna blow off steam)

    Yesterday get a call from customer, It's 75F in store it's too hot (HUH??)
    I Get there and their dual stage gotta be 20 ton hvac (sorry mo# is in truck)
    has 2nd stage off from error 15 (high press. trip) well the 2nd stage cond. coil has a mess load of food wrappers,plastic bags and debris sucked fast to it. (it sits on the ground next to the building in the dumpster area )

    I reset the error code and monitor it for 15 minutes and all is well (no guages, just liquid line warm suction sweating indoor temp dropped 2 degrees)
    I do paper work and go home (end of day call)

    Today (around 10am) the store is 90F (WTF??) co worker gets the call and ends up 1st stage compressor is a dead short (uhh was fine last night)
    He spends the day replacing it and pressures are inline, I drop by to pick up parts from him, and talk for an hour while he's wrapping things up and charging 1st stage, no problems.

    Tonight (now 10pm ) get a call from a different coworker on call that the same unit has 1 of 2 cond. fan motors will run for 5 minutes then go off on thermal, then the whole unit goes off on high press.

    In our view 3 seperate independant problems in 2 days?? WTF??

    Can't wait to hear what blows up next
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    I feel your pain.....

    Had a Carrier 12.5 ton RTU tripping out breakers. Condenser coils packed with cottonwood. Spent 4 hours cleaning coils. Checked pressures, superheat, and subcooling. Inspected compressor amps. System operating properly at that time. Got a call later that cooling. Found compressor contactors fried. Replaced contactors. Double checked system. Get a call the next morning. Compressor #1 failure. Spend the rest of the day replacing compressor.

    Another tech goes out 2 months later to perform PM. System still running.

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    Definitely a good point on the contactors, but I would be looking at putting phase monitoring on that unit as well. Seems odd that many problems that close together. Of course you can tell Mr/Mrs/Ms customer that the unit is getting "old" and has had a lot of abnormal abuse sitting next to the dumpster. Makes me wonder if when they run the compactor if that isn't dropping voltage to the unit? Just a thought.
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    when it rains it poors: had many calls like this , more in refrigeration though , i have a carrier chiller atmoment i have changed more components in such a short space than any other unit ever, last failure was contrl ckt bkr chattering screwed hp and oil fail!! this is the unit i have post for multi stage temp ctrl a while ago , thats in now and beauty , prob is customer only wants band aids!! when it rains it poors! regards stan
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