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DIY is often funny. I'm a tech in a car dealer and I fix many many things DIY'ers were thinking they were doing "better", doing it themselves........... even independent repair shops that don't know the details of the cars they're dealing with at times............. making money on other's mistakes is nice.

I have EPA 609 cert(yes, I know it's not the same as 608), and access to any refrigerant I want.... but I still paid the "pros" to install my system in my home. I did bring home a gauge set to verify low system charge myself, but I don't have the time to learn and make sure that I really, truely knew the differences of the home a/c system to do a proper system replacement.
I have DIY'd many a vehicle problems. Every once in a while I actually did good. Most times I either repaired/replaced at least one thing that wasn't bad before replacing the right thing, and the other times I just flat out had to give up and let a real pro fix my problem.

Overall, I have probably payed at least twice as much over the years to have the priveledge to bust my knuckles up and frustrate myself fixing my own vehicles.