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    figuring correct linesets to unit

    Hello everyone, i'm a newbie and be working in the hvac field for 2 months in the residential field doing startups....My question is on a double unit home "WHAT ARE YOUR ADVICE OR METHODS IN FINDING THE THE CORRECT LINESETS FROM THE CONDENSOR TO EVAP COIL IN THE ATTIC" It is easy to figure out which lineset goes where if there are two of you because one person can tap on the lineset outside while the other person hears or feels the lineset up in the attic....But now since i'm on my own i'm trying to figuring out a easy way to do it.....

    I know if there is a stub out on the coil i could crack that open and listen / feel the nitrogen pressure coming out while the other coil is in vacuum...i know the rule of thumb is that the evap coil has to be bigger or equal to the condensor.

    One day we found out that we had cross linesets and that we had to uncross them......Just want to hear your stories or advice on this subject


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    Have the installers mark them with a permanet marker and tape. or tag or what ever.
    Thell the Boss to tell them. It would save time hunting the right one down, and could save alot of labor in a years time.

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    Same way you would locate wires. Set your meter to ohms and clip the leads to the tubing. One lead on the small line and one lead on the big line. Go to the other end and clamp those two ends together. Go back and look at your meter. If you are reading continuity, you've got the right set. If not. go back in the attic and clip the other set of lines together. You should read continuity then. this is also the time for you to start your own mental memory bank. In the future, mark everything permanently.

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    oh wow this sounds like a good idea....our production team are in charge of the unit installs....most of the time it's correct, but for us startup workers we jut have to make sure the condensor matches up with the evap coil before charging the unit....thanks for the reply..what should i use to clamp the other end with? some type of alligator clips? can i use a wire to attach to the big line and one to the small line and just tape it with electrical tape?....your method sounds co worker suggest putting my vacuum pump on the line set to vibrate it....
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