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    dry mode question on mitsubishi

    just installed a 1 ton mitsubishi ductless minisplit for a client, studio and exercise area and unit is designed to assist central system during peak times without affecting temperatures in other areas of the house.

    my fluke measured this morning 71.3 F and 65 % RH in the room and we set temp setpoint to 77 F and then turned on Dry Mode.

    what does it do?

    does it take the current temperature (71.3) and work around that up and down couple degrees or does it use the setpoint (77) and work around that up and down a couple degrees?

    as everyone who has installed these knows, the infrared handset drops temperature display when Dry Mode is engaged and the unit runs some type of internal software program as stored on the chip on the control board.

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    According to the tech manual which i guess you would have one, it uses the initial temperature of the space when set into dry mode.

    11-2. DRY ( ) OPERATION
    (1) Press OPERATE/STOP(ON/OFF) button.
    OPERATION INDICATOR lamp of the indoor unit turns on with a beep tone.
    (2) Select DRY mode with OPERATION SELECT button.
    (3) The set temperature is determined from the initial room temperature.

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    The regular central probably ran as normal over the night. So the dry mode wasn't able to remove much moisture as the central kept the room temp low with out the extra load of people.

    How big is this studio, and how many people work out in it at a time.
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