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Thread: Jload Calc

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    Jload Calc

    Hello -

    I have been following advice by reading all the posts- most have been very easy to follow. My one question is I have gotten a couple of quotes and this is what I have found.

    First company - very smooth salesman - had fancy laptop and measing tools to do a J-load. Got numbers he needed and said would mail me results. Before he left he gave me his guess - 2.5 tons a/c and 60 - 70 btus for furnance. Got the price - speachless.

    2nd company. Retired employee - just does quotes. Says he can do a j-load - will do one later. But he used his old calcs - square foot (1600). Came up with same as the jload. Recommended 2.5 tons a/c - said 60 k btus would be min, but his calcs call for 68k. So would get a 70k.

    this is the same as results that the first company gave me.

    So I guess my questions is - my house is basic - rancher with about 1600 sq feet. Should I keep getting jload calcs or I should just be ok with the Jload calc that matches with both companies?

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    Trust the one in print, not the one grabbed from thin air, Have them do the load calc print it and go over it with you so you can see it was done.

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