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    I always check the equalization time of system pressure. which works in most cases.

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    Fan Characteristics

    Skippedover was just kidding when he said to take a rest on top of the condenser. He knows axial Propeller fans can overload the blower motor when the discharge air is blocked. Just use something lightweight that the intake-side will hold against the condenser fins guards.

    Squirrel cage wheels with forward curved blades on residential systems unload when discharge air is blocked off too much & will overload when there is no static pressure. There is a preferable ESP range for each AH blower design, that ought to be listed on the blower; they vary at the point of serious unloading. If you amp-probe check enough of those blower motors, if the amp draw is too low according to its rating, you can begin to tell that the ESP is too high.

    I lot of us (bad boys) used to set a nearly empty R-22 cylinder on top of a condenser to warm it a little. Back then fan motors had more HP & higher amp draws, therefore it didn't seem to cause any harm, just more noise.

    Back in the 1960's & 1970's there were a far number of TXV metering devices & some table top condensers' that had the fan underneath blowing up through the coils. Well, where there were cottonwood trees or a lot of leaves or other debris under the unit, the fan motors would overload & burnout.

    I don't understand the engineering genius of that moronic design.

    However, on hot days & a heat-loaded E-Coil, You could move your wrist over the condenser from outlet up to inlet, & tell if the liquid was taking up too much area of the coils; an overcharged system. - udarrell
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    he was kidding about resting on it, i was ready to bring my pillow and set my alarm clock, if customer came out was going to say its the new way of checking charge , well guess that wont work hmmmm

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