thank you schlag,

I have decided not to go with this product, as suggested by some of the pro. If I do feel the need for air cleaner other than 4" media I'll look into it at that time. Thank you for the replying.

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I have worked for a contractor that sold micropower guard filters alot. The customers would tell me that they were extreamly satisfied with them and many said they were having alergy relef. All I know about them is: thy look like a standard blue smerf stopper with a black film of carbon in the center, this film is electricly charged and seems to act like an ionic filter. The carbon also seems to absorb oders somewhat. the filters can last for up to 3 months but often less. Check the price on them with your contractor and be content with that price @ least 4 to 5 times a year since you can't get them @ your local building supply mega store, but I could be wrong.