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    Quote Originally Posted by tonydykes55 View Post
    has anyone every damaged a valve from soldering?? and what happened if so, whats the consequences?
    I admit it I damaged valve a few weeks ago first time in 18 years has this happened to me. Come to think of it this was the only time I did it. After soldering and putting vacuum pump on and all that good stuff when I went to open liquid line valve which was the one I was repairing freon was spitting out of top of valve like crazy. I was pretty ticked off well in worst words than that. Took 3 days to order valve no one around here that sold ICP equipment had any. BTW we have like 5-6 ICP distributors in this area. I also take the valve stems out when soldering and now use wet rags. Correction not soldering I braze.

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    My Instructor was demonstrating brazing with a captain hook. he destroyed the valve. In fact I think he might of caught the condenser on fire.

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    are you removing the schreader cores?

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