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    heat pump

    alright, i've gotta a heat pump that is freezing up, i toped it off using subcooling because it has a txv, i took the pressure at the port and put my temp probe right off the compressor before the condensor. the reason i did it that way was because when i put my probe where the guages were hooked up it told me it was 85 F. and i had a pressure of almost 290 psi, and the more freon i would put in it the temp would stay the same and the pressure would rise. it was 85 degrees outdoor ambient and about the same in the house. First question is did i charge it right taking the temperature right out of the compressor with the gauges at the port? When i put the temp probe right off the compressor my superheat came down to my desired range where as taking it from the same place as my gauges, my temp would stay the same and my pressure would rise??? And my second question is being that is is still freezing up and the airflow is good and im assuming its good on freon, is my txv bad and how can i check it?

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    Are you an HVAC professional? If so, you are doing things very wrong and need to get enough posts to allow you to apply for professional membership so you can post in one of the pro forums where we can discuss what you are doing wrong. If not, DIY instructions are not given here., and ye shall find;..
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    You have done enough harm to your system.
    Call a service tech, maybe you didn't shorten the life of your compressor too much yet.

    And start paying attention in school. Cause you have no idea what your checking.
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