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    Goodman Unit Giving this Girl Fits

    Ok, this is my first time on this site, so if I make a mistake, I am sorry. I think I am following the rules here. I am def. not asking for DIY info. That would be a joke. I have no clue about HVAC. I am basically looking for a professional's opinion on what the problem may be.

    Our Goodman unit is freezing up at the base on the part that is connecting the unit to the pipe that connects the unit to the house. My husband's friend is a HVAC man by trade. The compressor went out last year and was replaced by a brand new compressor. The HVAC man (my husband's friend) has done sevaral things;
    1. He has cleaned out the coils and filter very thouroughly.
    2. He has checked the freon level and added what needed to be added.
    3. He is coming this evening to look at the thermostat.

    I guess what bothers me is that he is supposedly an HVAC professional, but can't really figure out what the problem is. Maybe he is doing an elimination process of some sort.

    To summarize, this unit is freezing at the part that connects the actual unit to the pipe that connects to the house. When this happens, the unit keeps (for lack of better word) blowing. Although the air that it is blowing is just warm air, not cold at all. Not that I know anything about ac units, (which is why I am on here asking some of you fine men your opinion) but I was thinking for sure that it was dirty coils and/or filter - this just from what I have read about Goodman units. Also, the fact of us having dogs in the house led me to believe the above idea.

    I am sorry this is so long. I sometimes say too much or make things more complicated than they are. I desperately hope that one of you great guys can give me some advice on what you think it may be. I will be ever so grateful.


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    Not trying to sound rude or mean,sounds like your friend hasn't got a clue !
    Call a Pro and be done with it !
    Every guy with a set a gauges thinks that he is a Air conditioning repair man, alot do not even know what the inside incriments are for . Don't even think about asking one what superheat or subcooling are or why they are important. You will most likely get the deer in the headlight look !
    Hope this helps .....

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    Thanks for the advice! I desperately hope that it is the thermostat.

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    I think you need to call someone beside your husbands friend(johnny side job).
    It was nice of him to help you out to save money. But he may not do service as his regular part of the trade.

    They're are readings he should take that will tell him where the trouble is. And apperently, he isn't taking them.
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    Oh no you gave everybody here a big head calling them fine men.LOL.Sorry chances are it is not your t-stat.

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    If this problem only happen some of the time and works fine other times, Have your hvac guy check the fan delay relay on the air handler. If the refrigerant charge is correct and the coils and filters are clean, Replace the relay anyways. I find alot of them causing intermittent freeze ups.

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    It doesn't sound at all like a thermostat issue. If you have model numbers of the outdoor unit and the indoor coil, furnace and/or any other model numbers, that would help.

    Also, if it was your husband's HVAC buddy who changed out the compressor last, ask him if he also removed and replaced the original internal filter/drier.

    Could be something as simple as air flow, but with adding refrigerant being a method of cure, I'm going to go with there is something screwed up that is being screwed up worse by improper troubleshooting.
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