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Thread: LG Artcool

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    LG Artcool

    I have to decide on one of the mini-splits tomorrow - Friday. The contractor needs to see it and put the line in before they spray foam.

    I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the new LG inverter Art-cool models - The filter system seems quite advanced and it is the best looking of the bunch -- SEER of 19. I just noticed when I did a search that some had problems with the older units that look like a picture - they were not inverter.

    If not the LG then I will go with Sanyo -- he has done them. He said he would get me any brand that I wanted -- the price for the Mr.Slim/ Daikin/ Fujitsu are all so close in price as to make them equal to the others.

    Thanks all

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    i have installed two art cools with pictures in my home, and i have installed a total of ten and no probs yet. the only problem i have heard of is; that when the low voltage is NOT run in stranded wire they have probs with them. mine work great and have had zero probs.
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    I installed a 1 ton Art Cool last year at my in-law's. No problems as of yet. In my opinion the LG is probably the best built and most trouble free of them all, at least from what Ive seen.
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