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    Running All Day & Nite

    My 2ton heat-pump has been running all day long lately. When I first bought my house in 2000 we kept the temp set around 72 during the summer. At that time the unit would cycle on and off through-out the day and nite, but now its a different story. The ac runs all day long. I've set the temp to 77 but it never gets there untill around 1am. It will run all day long showing the current temp at 79 to 81 degrees. I just want my ac to keep the house cool like it used too.

    I've had over 5 hvac techs. come to my house sine May of this year. Each one has given me a different reason to this problem. Their reasons have been;
    1. Coil is dirty. (I clean it every April using Nu-Brite)
    2. Low insulation in the attic.
    3. Fan motor is weak on outside unit
    4. "Outside unit is in a bad location. The sun beams right on it!"
    5. "Freon low 3 oz low"
    6. "Georgia is just Hott, your ac is doing all it supposed to do"

    So can anyone recommend a company that can help, one that will service the Cartersville, Georgia area (30121). Thanks

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    5 Techs and not working yet?? Now thats sad. Good luck.

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    When you say you clean the coil, do you mean the outside unit or the indoor unit? When a tech says the "coil" is dirty, I believe he's usually referring to the indoor coil.

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    Shut the power of to the furnace or air handler, & check the blower wheel, if the blades are filled with lint, the evaporator is probably plugged underneath on the air entry side. If so, it must be thoroughly cleaned.

    Cut the power to the outdoor condenser & make sure it is not blocked with cotton from a cottonwood tree, etc. Check the temp rise of the condenser discharge air.

    Is there anything you have done to change your home situation? Your entire home is a critical part of the A/C operating conditions. Six Techs & no solution you have my empathy, Good Luck. - udarrell

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    nu brite only cleans the surface of the coil ,a dirty evap coil will give you real cold air but not very much air flow and will not cool very well

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    insulation does settle, if not foam --
    be sure ceiling joists are covered.

    U are 2/3 into life of unit -- at least

    change to 'better' filter [ & added to resistance against good air flow]?

    ducts broken?
    duct takeoffs pulled loose?
    harvest rainwater,make SHADE,R75/50/30= roof/wall/floor, use HVAC mastic,caulk all wall seams!

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