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    You can get an 14 seer Amana heat pump with a variable speed blower.
    Definitely get a cost analysis of higher seer systems vs. lower. It may not be worth
    the money.

    Do you have nat. gas there ? If not, propane is too expensive, same with resistance (elect) heat - go with heat pump.


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    Quote Originally Posted by paul42 View Post
    The most important part of any HVAC system is the house it goes in.
    I also live in Fort Worth.
    I have 4,000 sq. ft. of conditioned space and it only requires one 2 ton heat pump to cool the whole house.

    Put the air handler and duct work in conditioned space.
    Add shade for all of the windows in the summer. Avoid East and West facing windows as much as possible.
    Air seal the house! - control infiltration.
    Paul makes my point. First, do what you can to reduce the heat-gain!

    Money spent reducing the heat-gain will usually get the best payback.
    There is a fair amount of heating days in the fort worth area.

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