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    Ft. Worth Buyer looking for expert opinions on system

    Alrighty. You all probably get these types of questions often, but I do appreciate your input. I'm currently building a 4600 sq.ft. home in Ft. Worth, TX, and have recently been quoted several options from the builder's HVAC folks. The system will consist of 2 seperate a/c units. Here are my options from low to high (pricing excluded of course):

    1. 14 SEER: Goodman Condenser & Goodman Furnace and Coil w/ 10 year warranty.

    2. 14 SEER plus: include a Honeywell F100 media filter and Honeywell T8000 Touchscreen Thermostat.

    3. 15 SEER Amana plus: same as above, but adds a Amana Variable Speed Furnace w/ lifetime replacement warranty.

    4. 16 SEER Amana plus: same as above, but adds SSX 16 High Efficiency 410A Condenser.

    Are the upgraded options worth it? Would I be better off getting the lowest system, and just upgrading later down the road? In terms of SEER rating, what can I expect my energy bills to look like, and would it be worth getting a 16 SEER over a 14 SEER system? Any and all suggestions are appreciated, as well as, any questions I should be asking the HVAC contractor about (ie. duct work, insulation, ect.). Thanx!
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