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    Is this quote correct?

    I got a quote from a contractor to put in a new AC unit + Evaporator coil.

    The quote he gave me was this:
    Trane 15-Seer 3-Ton AC/Evaporator Coil (compatible with existing furnance).
    The model number is 4TTX5036A1000A.
    The evaporator coil model is 4TXCB036BC3HCAA (aluminum).

    My existing furnace is a old furnace that is not a VARIABLE speed blower.

    Is this really 15 seer? I had a couple of other contractors say that the furnace cannot take more than 14 seer because it does not have a variable speed blower.

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    Correct, it would take other elements to achieve 15 SEER, such as a 2stage or Variable Furnace (air Handler). 3 tons needs around 65-75 btu furnace. What part of the country do you live in? A 15 seer in San Diego is more 15 than in Southern AZ.
    Might want to do some home work or get another bid, just to ease your mind.
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    13.75 SEER with no v/s furnace. Hard to get over 14 SEER without a v/s furnace.

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    Sounds right about not being able to meet 15 SEER without a VS fan, but a better question is how did the contractor come up with that tonnage, since you didn't say if you have existing A/C?

    There are more posts on this forum than you can shake a stick at of contractors that either just quoted based on what was there, or took a swag based on square footage, or some other guesstimate. The contractor really needs to do the load calc to determine the correct size.

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    IF you up sized the airhandler and use the energy saving blower motor you could get there with out that high $ v/s.

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