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    I hope your smarter than you sound

    That statement most DIY are done to correct contractors work is total hog wash. I use to do my own drywall, tile and harwood because I wanted to save money. But after seeing the end results and having to get someone to fix up my mistakes, I realized that if I hired a pro it would have been done right and cost would have been same to little more.f you are having so many problems with contractors, either you are looking in the wrong place or not paying enough to have job done right. Just my professional opinion.
    Do it right the first time.

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    I don't think most DIY in general is to fix contractors mistakes,
    Most DIY that I do is done to fix contractor's mistakes.

    At this stage in my life I'm so busy and have enough money that
    I do not really want to do any DIY myself. But I find its often
    the most expedient way of resolving a number of issues.

    And I have tried on a number of ocaisions to hire contractors to
    fix other contractors mistakes. The contractors are not interested.

    One extreme case in point was my B-vent which is used by the
    furnace and water heater. My HVAC guy when he installed the
    new furnace didn't have the right parts so he built a mess out
    of sheet metal. That was bad, but correctable. Then when a
    plumber installed a new water heater he cut right into the side
    of the B-vent. That was not correctable without replacing the whole
    thing. Then after the HVAC guy and plumber were done the insulation
    guys managed to fill the cavity around the B vent with insulation from
    the attic.

    When I realized they had created this mess, I called 15 HVAC and
    plumbing outfits to get a quote to replace the whole thing before
    my house burned down. And please get a permit. No one was
    interested in doing it for any sum of money. So I had to do it

    I had a contractor bid $70,000 to replace my deck. When I asked if
    he would get a permit, he said that would be extra and he wasn't
    sure he wanted the job if I wanted a permit.

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