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    Confused Trane chiller

    I dont work on chillers that often but i am required to change a compressor on a trane chiller for a customer of ours, what steps are required that would differ from a commercial rooftop package unit? do you have to deal with the water/glycol side of it at all? Not sure the tonnage of the unit but factory charge for circuit 1 is 65lbs r22 and same for circuit 2, each circuit has 2 compressors i have to change one compressor on circuit 2, any help please

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    Make sure you have glycol/water flow thru the barrel/s before recovering the charge. If not you will most likely turn a simple compressor change into a real mess once you freeze a tube. Other than that, theres no real difference in the changeout.

    There may be an oil compatability issue depending on the compressors, trane changed oils awhile back. If their scrolls, you may need to change the oil in the comp your not changing out. Your Trane dealer should be able to provide the SB on the oil.
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