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    HVAC comparisons

    I'm buying a new home, and was given the following options as HVAC upgrades. Can anyone help me understand what is the difference between these options and what is a good option to go with the builder on or is it easy to hire a contractor to do these things afterwards?

    1. HRV w/HEPA filter, and Honeywell Media Filter (VanEE THH 1.0, Control #05536)
    2. HRV and Honeywell Media Filter, ducted to Powder and Laundry Rooms (VanEE 90 H, Bronze wall control)
    3. HRV, Hepa Filter, Honeywell Media Filter, ducted to Powder and Laundry Rooms (VanEE 90H, Bronze wall control, VanEE Hepa 3.2)

    I don't know why I would need both a Hepa filter and a media filter?
    and why or why shouldn't i duct it to the powder and laundry rooms?


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    Ducted to the powder room, it can serve as your exhaust for the powder room.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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