I'm looking into air conditioning for my house, it has 660 sq ft on the upper floor and about 330 sq ft downstairs. Only the upper floor gets hot, so I don't need much.
I'm thinking of central AC or a mini-split. I have forced air gas heat, so there are heating ducts already. The heat comes out at floor level.
If I got central AC - does it cause a problem if you use the heating ducts and the cold air comes out at the floor??? I would think it would just sit there and make your feet cold, while there's a layer of hot air higher up?
Is central AC available that wouldn't be oversized for me? I would get one with a variable speed fan.
My main objective actually is to lower the humidity to below 50%. But I think I need AC to do that. Right now I open the windows at night to cool down, but if I were keeping the humidity low I wouldn't be doing that and it would be pretty hot if I were keeping windows closed and just dehumidifying.
Thanks for all the advice I've gotten in the forum. I've dehumidified the bottom floor with a couple of portable dehumidifiers.