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    Converting to R410 system

    Hi HVAC experts,

    Something bothers me quite a bit. Hope some of you can give me some advices.

    I had my new Carrier system installed last week: 24APA524A 2-ton, 15 seer, R410, new inside coil and plenum too, but keep the existing R22 lines.

    The tech seemed not to be well tooled (broken tools, etc..) and did not flush the lines saying not necessary even when I did remind him several times.

    He seemed did not evacuate the line properly as well, just run the pump for about 20 min before charging and did not even have a working gauge attached to the line other than the crude pump gauge.

    The duck job is not very good either. I can feel some air leak around the plenum with my hands. But not seem to be too serious. Though I am sure my older system did not have any air leak.

    The system is now working but no much better than the 10 year old system it replaced. In the hot day (97F and up) the system run non-stop and could only brings the inside temp to 78F-79F. Air temp at the register is around 68F-70F and 79F at the air intake.

    I wonder if this has to do with the lines have not been flushed and evacuated properly? What should I do to fix this? Ask the tech to open the lines, re-flush and re-charge? Should I ask to replace the filter and compressor oil too?

    I keep kicking myself for not stopping the tech when I knew he did not do the job correctly ...

    Thank in advance for your advices.

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    The only thing that should be used to "flush" the lines is nitrogen, Carrier very strongly says not to use anything else. Agreed he should have used a micron gauge to measure the vacuum.

    I doubt if your lineset has anything to do with the unit not cooling as you want. It could not be charged correctly and it could be that it is working properly and just not large enough to achive the temps you want.

    Running all the time may or may not be a problem, depends on the outside temperatures. Sure you can have a unit large enough to get the house to 72 on a 100 degree day, but it will be way too big on all the days that are not 100 degrees. Since 100 degree days are relatively few it is better to have the unit sized correctly and accept a warmer house on during these conditions.
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    If your old unit was 2 tons, and couldn't cool the house right. Why do you think a new same size unit should cool your house to a lower temp.

    Have them come back out and recheck the system.
    If they wouldn't do it proper when they installed it, why do you tink they will do it now.

    Did you get this system because of Brand name.
    Or because you heard this contractor was good.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    [QUOTE=plain spoken;1936451]The only thing that should be used to "flush" the lines is nitrogen, Carrier very strongly says not to use anything else.

    This is the first I have heard of a manufacturer saying not to use R11 flush, must be a Carrier thing I guess, interesting.

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    I was recently at Totaline, and the class that was give suggested that R-11 flush to be used.

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    Totaline isn't Carrier.

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    Always used X11 flush kit for conversions to R410. Line sets are not always accessible with finished basements and all. A micron gauge on the vac pump and standing press. check would have given any indication of other problems such as leaks or non-condensibles in the system. Low bid isn't always the best choice. You get what you pay for.....

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    The Carrier distributor I use sells Rx11, and as far as I've heard its acceptable, if there are any sags or anything that could be considered a trap in the refrigerant lines then you're supposed to cut the line(s) there and allow any trapped oil to drain. I do think its funny how from what I understand Carrier doesn't approve of UV dyes for leak checking yet my distributor sells it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dash View Post
    Totaline isn't Carrier.
    I thought totaline was "the replacment compent division" of carrier?

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