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    Bryant Evolution Thermostat temperature reading

    I just had two Bryant Evolution split systems installed in my home.

    They are wonderful systems but I have a question about one of the system thermostats/humidistats. I keep the temperature setpoint at 75, but I have been noticing that it seems a little warmer than that. I took some temperature measurements today with a temperature sensor and the readings were in the 77 degree range.

    The other system is set also at 75 and the temperature measurements were pegged on 75.

    Is there anyway to adjust the thermostat reading/sensing? Or should I have the contractor replace the thermostat/humidistat?

    Thanks in advance for you help.....

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    The Stat lies

    I'm just a homeowner, not a pro.

    And if your stat is off consistently in a single direction,
    it can probably be reset by a tech.

    However if your stat tells you it is cooler than it actually is on A/C,
    AND warmer than it actually is on heat you have just discovered
    that modern thermostats are programmed to lie.

    This has been seen by me with my 6 year old Honeywell thermostat,
    and confirmed by experts here on the board.

    See my thread Thermostat issues.

    Let me see if I can post a link??

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    Another thread

    The validation from tech was buried down deep in the first
    thread I had. ( you have to click on the more replies below
    current level to see. )

    So I put some of the most damning comments
    in a new thread, which surprisingly has not generated much
    interest. I guess people have grown accustomed to being lied to.

    Here's the other thread.

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    There is a way to put an offset into the evolution control if a difference is found between actual room temperature and what's being displayed. Keep in mind that the digital display is an averaged reading. You could call your installer and ask them if they could explain to you how to put the offset in yourself, or if they could do it for you.

    First thing I would do before changing the display is to verify that no unconditioned air is coming into the back of the control through the hole the thermostat wire uses behind it. These controls don't come off the base very easy and if you don't have experience doing it, you could possibly damage it and void your warranty.
    Use the biggest hammer you like, pounding a square peg into a round hole does not equal a proper fit.

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