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    Updated political definitions

    Democrat: A large group of citizens who blindly follow the Liberal Democrats and believe their political propaganda.

    Liberal Democrat: A very small group of the extreme rich who are anti-
    religious and seek to change American traditions and eradicate morals,
    usually influenced by the teachings of Karl Marx.
    People who are ironically totalitarian and anti-liberal.
    People who make-up stories of history to expand their views.

    Republican: A large group of citizens who follow the GOP and have
    delusional fantasies that the GOP represent them and is affiliated with
    religion and Constitutional politics.

    GOP: A group of rich politicians who use pro-American slogans and
    speeches so they can win votes to hold their jobs in a government
    dominated by Liberal Democrats

    Democracy: A form of government where the rich present two or more
    politicians who are elected in a popularity contest.

    Conservative: (definition unknown)

    NeoCon: A term used by Democrats to make Republicans sound like NeoNazis

    Uncostitutional Law: Any law brought up by the citizens that the Liberal
    Democrats don't agree with

    Nut Case: Anyone who runs on a 3rd party ticket

    Media: Brainwashing mainstream programming that justifies near-future
    political view

    Big Business: a mythical, nameless, group of businesses that people in
    the political world refer to for propaganda reasons.

    Drought: A condition created when local politicans don't supply enough
    fresh water to a city

    Flooding: A condition that can be created after politicans allow dams to
    be constructed so property can be sold downstream.

    Power Shortage: A tactic used to pass unAmerican totalitarian laws and

    Global Warming: A massive marketing campaign based on loose science that
    allows cheap items to be sold at high prices and manufactering plants to
    be moved to low wage places over-seas.
    A system that uses guilt as justification and teaches arrogance and

    Scientist: A paid person who uses science to try to justify modern political or moral views.

    Minority: A large group of naturally good people identified as victims.
    People who allegedly need freebies to survive.

    White People: A small group of American politically indigenous people, who may or may not be white,
    associated with evil, excluding Jews.
    Caucasian people who have historically plundered the lands of darker
    races in order to steal their technology.

    Anti-Semite: Anyone who is not Jewish who brings up the topic of Jews:

    American History: A fictional collection of exaggerated atrocities based in America's past taught to students in the school system as fact.

    National Debt:
    political slogans that emerge when a republican is in office and somehow tries to convince people to vote Democrat

    Socialist Programs: Large ever increasing funded programs that forcefully collect money from the public so the upper classes and college graduates are guaranteed employment with high wages.

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    Socialist Programs: Large ever increasing funded programs that forcefully collect money from the public so the upper classes and college graduates are guaranteed employment with high wages.

    Also used by democrats to persuade recipients to vote for them or the mean conservatives will defund their lifeline of meger financing.....
    Those who dance, appear insane to those who do not hear the music.
    Those who believe, appear ignorant to those who do not know God.

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    You forgot the media

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    You forgot the middle class.........

    Middle Class: A group of the population who foots the tab for the wealthy elite and the poor/non-working underclass. Typically known as a "bunch of suckers" by politicians who promise them the world for their votes, but somehow never deliver. Also, people who should know better, but don't.
    "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."
    -Abraham Lincoln

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