Good evening all:

I am in the process of having a small addition built onto my house located in NJ. This is being done to enlarge an existing room -- new section is about 14x14 with 11" cathedral ceiling. I had originally planned on replacing my old York unit with a new Carrier/Bryant zoned system like the one I had installed in my mothers house on recommendations from this forum. Things are changing.

The house is an expanded cape with a big dormer upstairs for two rooms and a bath -- I had a two ton unit installed in the attic when I first bought the house 12 years ago just for the second floor space. Not the best idea - not only do I have problems with it every year but I now know that I should have installed it someplace else for better efficiency

The main floor has thee single story bump outs -- the kitchen, family room and now this extension. So the house is quite long and has a strange shape and a lot of roof area!!!

I heat the place with underfloor radiant for most of it -- but the A/C has been a pain -- it is very uneven as the sun moves around the house and my larger family room 16 x28 w/8' ceiling does not get enough air on hot days - even though the ductwork was supposed to be sized correctly. Plus to handle the hot days I need a 4 ton unit and it short cycles on cooler days and the blower is loud!

When I was getting quotes on a new Bryant zoned system. My contractor suggested that I have a 9k minsplit installed in the new room area and forgo installing any ductwork under the radiant slab $$$. So the mini split will cover this area. Then install another minisplit into the family room to make up for the very hot days. This will allow for a new smaller main unit that will not short cycle in the rest of the house. I think it is the better way to go -- and is actually less money. Does this sound like it would work??

I also ran into an issue with the minisplits -- The Sanyo's were the brand talked about. They have a SEER of 16 vs LG art-cool of 19 and the the fujitsu at 21 -- even though all are inverter. I am confused ?? Why are the latest unit from a leader in the segment only 16??

From reading about them all ---plus the Dankin -- and the Mr Slim. All have there supporters -- I like the look of the LG but I like the 21 of the Futjitsu. Is there any real difference in the units -- all are about the same price. Will I be fine just going with the Sanyo?