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    I know it is an R-22 pump... I don't like that at all. Problem is this is a government self help house and they only have a few choices to choose from. Should I steer away from that unit at all costs... We only plan on owning the house for 5 to 10 years.

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    Nothing wrong with using an R22 unit.
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    You need to make sure that a load calc is done, because if it's not how do you know your getting a properly sized system. If the companies you got bids from won't do the calcs, keep looking. The company i work for recently got a new house that was pretty big and the company we were bidding against was 4 tons off!!! That's alot to be wrong by. We did the calcs ... they didn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hevnbnd View Post
    Hello, We are building a new home and it is around 1650sqft and we are either getting a Goodwin GSH13 or a Ruud UANL-JEZ Series. The guy with the quote for the Goodwin said 3 ton the other quote for the Ruud said 2.5 ton.... We are in Arkansas where temps frequent 100 degrees in the summer. Another important factor is we are getting a light colored metal roof and Using R28 SIPs for the exterior walls.

    This site is great I have been reading tons of articles it is great to get opinions from folks not selling the product. Thanks for your time. Brian
    to the OP:
    One of my questions is why is the one wanting to install a straight AC condensing unit in Arkansas ( UANL-JEZ ) and what would be your heat source, gas or electric resistance heat. Why not quote a UPNL which is a heat pump so that your comparing similar systems. or is there a typo in the RUDD Model #..

    If they truly are quoting a UANL, what model gas furnace or Air handler are they planning to install?

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