I am a newbie with a basic question. I have poor cross ventilation in my house and the air often seems stale, which I most notice when I return after being away. As an allergy sufferer, I have installed whole house filtration and UV lights in my central system, but I feel I could do more. I have researched adding a fresh air ventilation input and control (such as the Honeywell Y8150A). I live in southern California, about a mile from the ocean, so the temperature is mild, so I'm guessing that I do not need a HRV or ERV. While I can see the value of fresh air input, how do I get rid of the stale air? My house is about 11 years old and pretty airtight, but when I'm home I usually have some windows open. Is this enough to get rid of the stale air, or do I need to add some kind of other fan? Thanks in advance for all your advice.