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    Any entrly level hvac positions in the Metro Phoenix area?

    I am currently attending HVAC/R school in Michigan and am set to graduate in October. Im looking to re-locate to the Metro Phoenix area and was wondering if there were any entry level positions in the area.

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    I really do not think you will have much trouble locating work there......

    locating an employer who wants the job done correctly may be a bit of a challenge, however. Lots of hacks there, from what I read here

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    Hopefully there are plenty of employers looking for entry level technicians. As far as the hack stuff goes I'll have to keep an eye out for those companies. I worked in skilled trades in MI and seen ALOT of that crap first hand. Don't wanna learn everything the wrong way.

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    good luck working in that area and learning to do things right.

    just ask payson
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    What discipline are you wanting to try?

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