I am buying my first home. The current AC(old) has humongous air ducts in basement. My gas furnace is in the basement as well. I want to utilize basement space for kids but air ducts are in the way. I thought maybe if I get rid of the air ducts and add a new HVAC in the attic I could remove the basement ducts and redo the room. My closing date is approching in a few weeks. I want any work done before we move in.
1. How much(ballpark) would a HVAC small duct system cost for a 2100sf split level home.2. Will a attic HVAC system utilize a gas furnace in another area of the house or will I have to buy the heating attachment for the hvac?
3 Which is more cost efficient a gas furnace or a electric heating unit on a HVAC?
4. Can a HVAC Heating unit warm the whole house efficiently?