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    Lennox Pureair placement

    Since I can't trust my contractor to do anything right the first time. My new Pureair was placed on the left side of the air handler with the return air running into the left side of the pureair. Is there a specific order for the filters inside the pureair? Does it need to run through the paper one first? They set it up to run through the metal filter first.

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    It should run through the media filter portion first before it goes through the UVA lamps and catalyst. The way it sounds he did it wrong. Post pics if you can. If it does not go through the media first you will get heavy dirt on catalyst and lamps.

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    How could this possible look right?

    Yeah, I know this is wrong but you might get a good laugh. Seems someone even took the time to turn the filters but not the unit. They can come back a fourth time.

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    This doesn't look right

    This can't be correct.
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    Completely Backwards

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