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    Question Just replace compressor or whole system?

    We have a Trane split system a/c that worked beautifully for 23 years until about 3 weeks after we bought the condo. We think that's a pretty good endorsement of Tranes; also, our home inspector told us that the brand of the A/C should match the furnace brand - that they work best that way (?). (The furnace is Trane.)

    1. Seems like the general consensus is that installation is more important than brand. But does that hold true when the other half of the split system is a particular brand?

    2. Also, do we need - NEED - to get the whole system re-evaluated? It seems like the system was working well and appropriately sized before the compressor died - it's a one-level condo with new insulated windows, so it seems like our needs are pretty straightforward.

    3. The one contractor we've spoken with thus far recommended no better than 13 SEER - said a higher efficiency unit would be wasted with the older interior components. True? If so, should we look into replacing the other components too, or are they likely to keep trucking along for a few more years (pardon my ignorance, but i think i'm referring to the air handler and coil??).

    Any help is appreciated! We're first-time homeowners, and this whole thing is bewildering to us. (thank goodness we had window units in storage!)

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    If the condenser (outdoor unit) and the indoor furnace/air handler are both 23 years old, you're money ahead to replace everything at once. There can be difficulties with placing a 13 SEER condenser on an older evaporator.

    23 years is a long life for an a/c system. It had its turn under the sun, time for new blood to take over.

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