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    Several HVAC questions and problems Texas heat

    I have several AC problems that leaves me in a dilemma.

    My coil in the house is in a sealed box with two drain pipes. The box is leaking, the drain pipes are not clogged. From residual standing water I believe the sheet metal box has rusted. The coils are pushed up against the back corner. There is only access to the front of the box. I tried to seal the box where I thought it was leaking but I didn’t have any success. I believe that it is leaking where the coil sits up against the box. I did not have a secondary emergency drip pan, so I added one.

    I am going to have to have to replace the box, I am assuming I will have to have the coils cut out to have box replaced?
    I live in Texas. In the summer with my current unit once the temperature is over 90 (which is all summer) my unit can’t keep up. It will run most of the day and I can’t get it below 80 until about 10 or 11pm. During the day it is running all of the time and the temperature is around 85.
    When I leave town, even if I turn my thermostat up to 90 once the house heats up it will still run all day to keep it at 90.

    My house is a 2100 sf 30 year old. My electric bills are quite high. I was out of town for two weeks last month and my bill was $280.00

    Because I will have to cut out the coil to fix the pan, do I bite the bullet and get a bigger sized AC unit? I am not sure what my current tonnage or model number is because the sticker is faded from the sun it is a Rheem and it says high efficiency, it is not the original unit but it is at least 10 years old. .

    Do I also replace the furnace while I am doing this? My furnace is a gas one, and it is the original. Will I be able to pay back this cost with a high efficiency furnace?

    Another side note, is somehow one the thermostat hits 85 or 90 (I can’t remember exactly) the blower will come on even if I have it set to automatic and have the cool switch set to off. I have looked at the thermostat wiring, and it is not telling the fan to come on. There is a relay module. Do some of these relay modules have a thermocouple in them to automatically turn on the fan ?
    In the early summer this causes a problem and actually causes the house to heat up even more.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.

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    Have a reputable HVAC company come out to your home, tell them that you are interested in a new furnace and central air. Request that they do a Manual J load calculation on your house, this will tell them the heat loss and heat gain of the home in BTU's so your equipment can be sized properly to meet your comfort needs.
    Keep in mind that most HVAC contractors will not provide you with a copy of the load calc. unless you accept their proposal for the new equipment.
    If you want just a load calculation done, then I am sure a company would be willing to do one for a small fee.
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