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    Trane Question - blower speed at shutdown

    Have a Trane xv95 currently working with an older carrier AC unit. It's working great, keeps the house cool and rh down, but I have a question. When the thermostat (TCONT803) is satisfied, I hear the stat click, the outdoor unit shuts off, and then the blower from the furnace seems to slow down slightly. It runs like this for maybe a minute then shuts off. Is this what it is supposed to do? I'm pretty sure the 5 and 6 dip switches are set to off. The installer's guide says with this setting, there should be no delay on AC shutoff. Is this a vs motor's version of no delay on shutoff?

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    I have the XV95 and the Tstat803 also.

    Those dips being off means that your comfort R is not enabled....However there is a tstat function that controls fan run time after the call for cool ends. The choices are 0 or 90 seconds. I use the 90 seconds to get that last bit of cooling from the coil when the compressor shuts off. The tstat set-up number is 0660.

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    Thanks, key. Does your fan speed slow down slightly, during the 90 seconds?

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