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    Need Some Expert Advise

    I'm a semi-retired Builder/Remodler and have a 3 and a 1/2 ton Janetrol condensor (10 seer) and an Janetrol upflow air handler in my home which was installed 13 years ago. The A-coil was rubbing against the case and is now fractured--- 3 week wait. The outside condensor is somewhat beat up from it proximity to Lake Erie--about 100 feet from waters edge. This unit is most probably oversized and I could use a 3 ton without any problems. I can purchase new units directly from our local supply houses. There is a 3/4 copper line running about 25 feet to the air handler. I've had 2 different air conditioning contractors who I trust look at the situation. Rather than repair the Janetrol unit, which I now understand was an entry level system, I've decided to replace with new. One contractor recommended we replace with a 3 ton 13 seer Armstrong condensor (r22) and upflow hander with txv and use the existing 3/4 line instead of replacing with 7/8--it would be a difficult job getting the 7/8 line in---drywalled ceilings, etc. The other, has a 3 ton whirlpool air handler (1 year old used for a summer only and would match up with a new who knows what brand condensor again r22 and 13 seer. Or, in the alternative, bite the bullet and go with a 410a system and somehow snake a 7/8" line into the attic where the air handler is located. Lastly, What units would give me the most bang for the buck in terms of quality, realibility and price. Suggestions anyone--I can't make up my mind and its getting warm in here. Thanks...Bill
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    There is no pricing in this forum, please read the rules (which was part of joining this site) and remove your prices.
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