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    That first letter should be a "K".

    See attachment for the current R12 LT replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nrowey View Post
    I just got the numbers BAL0100CAB001 top mount unit. looking to get replacement semi compressor.

    Thanks for Help

    The number you posted is a condensing unit model with the first character left off. It's either a CBAL-0100-CAB-001 or an EBAL-0100-CAB-001.

    They both came with a KAT2-0100-CAB compressor.

    Unit capacity: 4950 btuh @ -20 SST @ 90 ambient.

    The new number for the compressor is KATB-010A-CAV.

    The voltage code on the existing compressor "CAB" designates 230-1. The replacement voltage code "CAV" designates 208/230-1. You must also purchase new starting components if you change the compressor. Actually new start components should always be installed on a compressor changeout. In this case I believe the run cap is different.

    If you want to change out the condensing unit and stay with a low pressure gas, R12 or interim, I only find a Tecumseh welded unit available. The model is AHA2466AXDXC, 5200 btuh @ -20 SST @ 90 ambient.

    Or you could change to a high pressure gas unit, R404A, in which case there are several models available, depending if you want a semi or welded. The TEV would also need to be changed.
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